Raiya, Gulzarganj, Jaunpur

About Us

Rohit Singh
Director, Kunwar Public School

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The objective of Jangi Singh Girls College is to produce graduates from the rural area who become intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually competent individuals capable of competing for higher accomplishments in life.

Education is the most powerful tool for empowerment. Our mission is to provide quality education specially to under-privileged rural people.

In the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, India, young rural girls seldom go to school past middle school. Villagers hesitate to send young girls approaching puberty to schools with co-education. With little or no infrastructure to provide regular transportation, they are confined to house chores and farm work and usually get married at an early age. More than 60% of girls in rural eastern Uttar Pradesh marry before the age of 18.

Who we are

India, as developing country has a large part of the population is still dreaming for school. This type of situation has our city Jaunpur also. We have established our school in a village with this mission that those children who only dream to attend school, may come to school and might live like a good citizen.

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